5 Freight Hire Industry Jargon Translations

5 Car Hire Industry Jargon Translations

Planning a vacation can often be difficult when a traveler finds themselves exposed to travel jargon that they are not familiar with. Not understanding specific words or not clarifying definitions of words in contracts can lead to misunderstandings that will ultimately cost you more money. One of the largest industries that is infamous for this practice is the car hire industry. However, with a little research it is easy to translate any jargon you see in a car hire contract. Read more about car hire industry jargons http://blog.webcarhire.com/car-hire-advice/5-car-hire-industry-jargon-translations/

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8 Tips for First Time Freight Hires

8 Tips for First Time Car Hires

Many travelers who often rent cars may forget what it was like the first time renting a vehicle. There are many things that seasoned travelers learn to expect and are prepared to deal with. When renting a vehicle for the first time it can seem like a large amount of information.However, it can be easily narrowed down to 8 simple tips for first time car hire. Continue reading

Honor Flight Fayette sees spike in Houston freight brokers

Houston is the 4th biggest city in America and plenty of companies are using Houston as a transit location to get the best prices from freight brokers in Houston such as AP National Logistics. Many companies are not only looking for LTL and FTL services but also looking to house some of their freight for long periods of time based on the demand.

Freight Brokers in Houston Texas

Fayette Freight is a similar company that operated in a different city however they did not offer the added value services that AP National Logistics offered although they are very well respected in their field. Some added value services offered are flat bed truck deliveries, warehousing, trans loading and even specialized loads.


Traveling with freight can be a big risk in Houston as there is a lot of traffic and a lot of room for accidents to occur while transporting any goods. The best freight brokers offer insurance on all vehicles and are most often bonded as well. FTL brokers in Houston stay busy while most LTL brokers take what they can. The big business in freight is transporting containers as well as intermodal transportation of containers.


Without freight transportation on the ground, companies wouldn’t function like they do now. For example, Amazon.com has a large team around transportation of the good that they order and do fulfillment for. Most of these shipments are LTL as they have many small business customers they do fulfillment for. Moving goods from their warehouse and shipping through a freight company is often the smartest choice.